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About company 


ACSYS BSC was registered as a limited liability company in 1992. The initial capital of the company is of British and Polish origin. The company acts in the I.T. market and is dedicated to software development and distribution as well as to the implementation and servicing of problem-oriented I.T. systems. Software is usually delivered as dedicated solutions that incorporate our own integrated software modules on one hand and specialized third party I.T. products on the other.

Taking care of systematic adjustment of software development technology and service to the increasing needs of the customers we have implemented the methodology called Rational Unified Process of IBM. The standard enables significant improvement of quality control and provides the transparency of all software development and service cycles.

We employ highly educated specialists organized in teams that are appointed to work on individual projects and operate in flat organizational structure.

Head office:

Migdałowa 4 lok. 28, 02-796 Warszawa
phone: (+48 22) 645 11 70-72
fax: (+48 22) 645 11 73
e-mail: acsys@acsys.com.pl

The scope of services rendered by ACSYS BSC is as follow:

  • development, sale and services of software;

  • development and implementation of problem-oriented I.T. solutions consisting of selected software products of British companies Memex Technology Ltd. and i2 Ltd., as well as American ones: Convera Technologies International Ltd. and Stellent Inc.;

  • distribution and services of the i2 Ltd. software products mainly applied for data visualization and analysis related to criminal activities;

  • distribution and services of the Stellent Inc. I.T. systems for Imaging and Business Process Management as well as Universal Content Management;

  • training courses;

  • rendering services in the range of software support and maintenance.

Among the users of our software are government-related organizations, banks, insurance companies, justice, police, border guard, telecom operators and private companies supporting the financial sector.

Our partners that we co-operate with on regular basis are such companies as: Advanced Technologies International Inc. (USA), Convera Technologies International Ltd. (USA), Fujitsu Siemens Computers Ltd., i2 Ltd. (GB), Memex Technology Ltd. (GB), Stellent Inc. (USA).

According to the opinion of our customers, the characteristic feature of the services rendered by ACSYS BSC is their high quality. We also have considerable experience which results from co-operation between us and both domestic and foreign companies.

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