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Scope of service 



  • ACSYS BSC warrants that for 12 months from the date of delivery the software will operate in accordance with documentation provided.

  • The warranty period commences on the date of delivery confirmed by respective receipt protocol.

  • ACSYS BSC warrants that the use of the software will not infringe the copyright or other related rights of third parties. This applies to the third party software used either during development or during the normal use of the software delivered by ACSYS BSC.

  • ACSYS BSC will fix any errors which might appear during the normal use of the software. The term “error” refers to any discrepancy between the operation of the software and the way it is expected to operate in accordance with the manuals provided.

  • In the event of an error, the user of the software is obliged to inform ACSYS BSC about this fact in writing and provide all information necessary to replicate the error at the premises and hardware of ACSYS BSC.

  • Potential application software errors will be fixed in subsequent versions, which will be delivered to the user together with documentation reflecting the changes between versions. The documentation will be delivered in PDF format on the CD carrier.

The warranty covers all the software developed by ACSYS BSC, also including the software covered by on-line operation service.


The warranty is included in the price of the software. The warranty conditions may be modified or expanded as the result of negotiations. In this case additional fee is required.

Support & Maintenance

Support & maintenance services are provided mainly by the manufacturer of the software for the benefit of the end user. The services include:

  • maintenance and storage of the software source code;

  • providing customers with new releases of the software (upgrade) if such releases are developed during the s&m period;

  • help desk support by telephone or e-mail to assist customers with installation, basic troubleshooting, and with understanding the features of the software and its usage;

  • fixing errors which occur in the software by respective software manufacturers.

The support & maintenance fee depends on the software manufacturer and approximates from 15% to 20% of the value of purchased licenses. The fee is calculated on the yearly basis and respective payment should be made not later than 30 days before the current s&m period expires.


The sale of new licenses for the software to existing customers is only possible if all current licenses of the given software product are under support. This condition applies to the following software manufactures: Convera Technologies Inc., i2 Ltd., Memex Technology Ltd., Stellent Inc.

On-line Operational Services

The aim of the on-line operational services is to maintain faultless operation of an I.T. system on one hand and to make fast modifications to the system in response to the evolving needs of the customer on the other. It is required that the customer has all components of the I.T. system under support to purchase on-line operational services.

These services can be split into two groups:

  • preventive actions, such as  monitoring the operation of an I.T. system or changing system parameters on the basis of information supplied by users. The aim of preventive actions, undertaken mostly on servers, is to take steps minimize the risk of the system malfunction before errors occur;

  • modifications made to the source-code of the software in response to the evolving needs of customers, testing changes and implementing them on-line.

Tasks to perform are agreed between the customer and Acsys BSC in writing on the monthly basis. Once agreed the are not negotiable, except for the duration of individual tasks.

The shortest period for which the on-line operational services can be purchased is one year. The fee can be split into 12 monthly payments.

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