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Products: Memex Intelligence Engine (MIE) 


Producer: Memex Technology Limited


Memex Intelligence Engine is a free-text database system providing Total Content AccessTM to Memex data as well as popular relational databases, independent of the original format.

Memex Intelligence Engine stores all intelligence in the database, disregarding nothing, unlike relational databases that inevitably hide some housekeeping information. All information held in the Memex Intelligence Engine is Total Content Access searchable, which dramatically reduces the possibility of missing any key words whilst searching and retrieving.

Extensive Query capabilities provide rapid access, analysis and exploration of all information, transforming it from data to intelligence.

The power of the Memex Intelligence Engine is restricted only by the amount of information available to you.

All data held in a Memex Intelligence Engine is easily accessed and retrieved thanks to the impressive searching capabilities inherent in all Memex solutions.

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