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Products: Patterns Tracer TCA 


Producer: i2 Limited

PatternTracer TCA requires Analyst’s Notebook to run.


PatternTracer TCA is a tool to assist you in the analysis of call billing intelligence. It rapidly analyzes large volumes of call data and uncovers repeating patterns of calls.

PatternTracer TCA uses a built-in database to store the call data you import for analysis. You can import several different source files into a single database and search for patterns across the entire dataset. The database technology is fully incorporated into the product and requires minimal skill to give fast results. PatternTracer TCA can analyze data files of up to 100 000 call records in size.

Pattern detection criteria are user-definable. The detected patterns can be then viewed in the i2 Analyst’s Notebook as link or flow charts. The charts can be further analyzed with all Analyst’s Notebook functionality (Visual Search, Find Path etc.), which is available.

Patterns Viewed from Different Perspective.

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