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Products: CW i2 Plugin 


Producer: Memex Technology Limited

CW i2 Plugin provides integration between Crime Workbench and i2 Analyst’s Notebook.


CWB i2 Plug allows you to access information stored in Crime Workbench from the i2 Analyst’s Notebook application level. The software is designed as a plug-in to the i2 Analyst’s Notebook and it operates on workstations that have network connection with the Crime Workbench server. It requires Crime Workbench Client and i2 Analyst’s Notebook software to run.

This module allows you to:

  • perform full-text search of CWB databases;

  • append found entities to Analyst’s Notebook analytical charts;

  • expand CWB entities to show links to source and to case;

  • extend CWB entities to show analytical links to selected entity types;

  • search for analytical links between selected entities;

  • view contents of records using CWB forms;

  • create new entities and analytical links in CWB databases.

The plug-in technology used in the i2 Analyst’s Notebook provides simultaneous use of multiple interfaces to databases from within a single analytical chart, which allows you to work dynamically with data coming from a variety of different sources.


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